Uzbek & Rica  Philippe André est un réalisateur multiple et complexe reconnu pour la puissance narrative et visuelle de ses films. 

Inspired   I love anti-heroes. They are more ordinary and thus heroic. Human, like us.

Carte Blanche  Inspirations

David Reviews  Philippe Andre has proven immensely adept across a range of film-making disciplines...

Harrystaut  Blog Philosophie (...) J’ajoute qu’avec le recul, et en jetant de temps en temps un coup d’œil à la page personnelle de Philippe André, je me rends comte qu’il est l’un des rares réalisateurs qui, de projet en projet (clips, publicité, films…) parvient à conserver une unité de style. Comme quoi on pourrait imaginer que dans ce monde extrêmement contraint par les exigences commerciales, il puisse y avoir, aussi, une « politique des auteurs ». 




Delicate Gravity

Variety  Delicate Gravity leads Palm Springs Shortfest winners

Hollywood Reporter  The best of the festival award goes to Philippe André

French Toast Sunday  Delicate Gravity is one of the most genuine, thoughtful dramas about human connection we’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Way too Indie.  Delicate Gravity is a unique insight into the lives of two lost individuals, and a clever production that continues to draw us in even in its final moments.

Just Celebrity  Philippe André created a heartwarming film that keeps you glued to the screen from start to finish…

Female First.  Philippe André Exclusive Interview.

3 DotMag. Delicate Gravity and writer Philippe André.

Woman around town.  Delicate Gravity is beautifully acted and filmed.

Vulture Hound.  Delicate Gravity is an exceptional short film about small moment in time that deserves the many awards it already has.

Following the Nerd.  Interview

My Desert. It's a magnificent film.


Director’s Notes  Interview podcast radio.

Artist on Demand  Interview Blog talk radio

... All Press


The Rope

Promo mag  It’s a tense with a surprising and controversial ending.

HarryStaut… je mets ici en tension le court métrage de Philippe André, intitulé « The Rope » et un extrait de « l’Etre et le Néant« , de Sartre.

Seattle International Film Festival


SIFF Award

Palm Springs

Paris tout court


Song to say goodbye

YouTube: 14M views

PromoMag  He imagined a young boy who looks after a middle-aged man – presumably his father – in a compelling case of age and role reversal that sways between realism and surrealism.

Rock sur Ordonnance  (extrait du livre de Thierry Desaules)

Les InRocks   On pourrait croire que l’enfant est psychologiquement malade, mais en réalité, les rôles sont inversés. 

YouTube   What a fucking masterpiece… This video has made me cry so many times …Amazing! Absolutely LOVE the cinematic video. It’s a great short film…

Sens Critique Le clip est selon moi tout aussi beau que la chanson. Ce clip original dure 8: 18 …

Rated Tunes There are many explanations or attempts to explain what this song really means, especially the images in the video…

Le Point Les Anglais interpréteront Song To Say Goodbye, avec en arrière-plan le poétique clip de la chanson ou un petit garçon prend sous son aile un homme plus vieux.


Another Chance

YouTube. 5 M views

PromoMagAndré has shot an original and captivating short film.

HarryStaut Philosophie.  Miraculeusement, dans ce clip, tout fonctionne, y compris les moments où le coeur disparait, laissant place à l’expression inquiète et fatiguée, sur ce visage, de la déchirure des sentiments et de la vacance du coeur.

Zoo   …over a minute of dialogue in the middle of the track adds to the atmosphere of this unusually emotive video.

Vimeo LikesThis is one of the best video EVER!

Campaign ScreenPhilippe André …has created a poignant short film…

Wikipedia.  Set in the dark hours in New York, the short film tracks the story of a young woman (Kelly Hutchinson) looking for love in the big city.


A Bridge

All Saints « A Bridge ».  Short film before Quentin Tarantino / Jackie Brown




Kia. Peter Returns

SourcePeter Returns is a short, three-minute ad film released simultaneously around the world...

Shoot on line. Directed by Philippe André,  this three-minute epic tale, Peter Returns, is the centerpiece of a Kia Motors campaign...

Kia. It took more than a year to finish the whole process!

Best Ad on TV. In 2030, the not-too-distant-future, Peter Pan returns as a righteous hero defending Neverland from Hook

The Drum. The film was directed by award-winning filmmaker Philippe Andre

Uk News. But Kia’s three-minute mini-movie, ‘Peter Returns’, is looking to change that with their innovative storytelling approach.

Le book. Peter returns...

Sawt. Peter Pan goes futuristic for Kia in short film

Buzz worthyIt’s always refreshing when a company puts equal attention on entertainment value as they do marketing message

Vaaju. But Kia's three-minute mini-movie, "Peter Returns", wants to change it with his innovative narrative strategy.

Tech2. It's kinematic, no doubt (it's run by award-winning Philippe Andre)


Age UK – Just Another Day

Creativity.  Editor’s Pick. This may be the saddest Christmas spot you see all year

David Review. 5 stars.

Little Black Book.  Poignant Film for Age Uk. 

Ad WeekIt conveys the man’s loneliness with incredible efficiency through subtly shifting scenery and other heartbreaking details.

Age UkDirected by the award winning and highly acclaimed Philippe Andre, ‘Just another day’…

ExaminerThis is the heart breaking reality for many older people in this country.

Daily CommercialsSadly, this is the heartbreaking reality for many older people in the UK.

Evening StandardThis powerful Age Uk advert will make you think differently about Christmas.

Drum. Philippe Andre is an international director with a unique talent for balancing memorable performances...

Youtube. This is heart-breaking.

... More Press


E.on – Green man

Source Creative.  The piece demonstrates Philippe Andre’s impressive mastery and ability.

CreativityEditor’s Pick.

David Reviews. … it’s this excellent E.on ad from WCRS, directed by Philippe Andre.

Little Black BookThe ‘green man’ ventures out of his street crossing home in this fun spot…

Best Ad on TV

WCRS…he goes on an epic adventure enjoying his new found freedom.

LinkedInIndependent Films shoots Budapest’s nightlife for Eon.

Skunk. ...charming film for E.on

Family Film. The spot follows a small green man as he explores the city...

Coloribus. It's all set to Fatboy Slim's 'It's a Wonderful Night'.

Skunk. One of the most famous people in the world.


BMW M5 -Black Horse

Shots. The stylistic spot from Philippe André...

David Reviews. Five stars

Best Ads.

The Mill. 


Wanda. Experience the new spot by Philippe Andre.


CFCV – Laura_jsd90

Shots  …a moving spot…

Eurobest. Winner Bronze award.

LIA. Winner London International Award

Cristal. Best Casting Award

Les InRocksUne campagne percutante

PackShotMagUn film émotionnellement fort et prenant…

Femme ActuelleLa campagne choc contre le viol.

Au Féminin  Une nouvelle campagne poignante..

Le Figaro Madame  ..Savoir à qui parler.

Libération  C’est l’histoire d’une jeune femme qui a passé la soirée avec son ex

... More Press


Nissan Qashqai - That one night.

David Reviews. Nissan ventures into psychological horror..

PackShot Mag.  Philippe André met en scène un homme de plus en plus envoûté...

Wanda. An intriguing ambiance...


Caisse d’Epargne – Sarah

shots   We watch a woman with Down’s Syndrome at her job…

Altmann+Pacreau   … authenticité et pudeur.

FaceBook Altmann.  merci philippe

Independent.  …this sensitive and beautiful film…

PackShotMag.  Un film au sujet audacieux.

Skunk.  This wonderfully shot "Sarah"…


Saatchi 25X25

Thank You  Philippe André

Poster   An experiment in film

Saatchi   World Première of 25X25 in Cannes

Shoot.  The esteemed 25×25 directors are:

LBB.  The unique result is 25X25: An experiment in film.

Campaign Brief.   …some of the most respected filmmakers in the industry.


Marks & Spencer – Fairies

Davidreviews  It’s a delight in every sense.

Campaign2   M&S wins online battle of the Christmas ads

Campaigncloseup  It’s a winter wonderland of wish fulfillment. Beautifully done.

Telegraph.  Two fairies carrying out good deeds across the country.

The Times  Magic and Sparkle will shine this Christmas.

campaign1.  The spot begins with two playful fairies…

mpc.  MPC completed over a hundred visual effects shots…in M&S directed by Philippe André…

shots.  Follow the fairies…

littleblackbook.  Independent’s Philippe Andre and MPC conjure up Magic&Sparkle.

... More Press



Adage  Philippe André joins Skunk for North American representation

Shoot.  Skunk signs director Philippe André

SourceEcreative.   The multi Cannes award-winning director brings his subtle and creative  story telling to Skunk

LBB.  Andre has garnered top industry awards worldwide.

Shots.  Philippe Andre … has picked up multiple Cannes gold, silver and bronze Lion Awards.


Lycra – moves you

votd  winner

Clio Award   Bronze Visual Effect

D&AD.  Wooden Pencil

ciclope   best 3D animation award

britisharrows   Silver award best CGI

New York  Festival. Craft Award

creativity-editor’s pick  This gorgeous, balletic film…will inspire you to move

creativity international awards.   Silver Award

shoot …this stirring piece of choreography

littleblackbook.  …directed by award winning Philippe André

glassworks  Philippe’s vision was for a ‘sculpture of movement’.

shotsawards. best animation in a commercial

Shots   Elegant spot....directed by Philippe Andre

... More Press


Mc donalds – big book

creativity   In this sumptuous commercial…



Peugeot – rcz

creative.  the car triggers 70 cameras

thedrum   feel the thrill

shots   Philippe André gives us the night

littleblackbook.  so fast that it can’t even be caught on film

packshot mag  …réalisateur français réputé..

adandtv  the car is too fast

cbnews  vitesse, frisson

mille consultants.  mystère et sensations

imadgine  un film esthétique et haut de gamme

... More Press


Dell – stars

creativity   …in this charming spot that shows the very human impact that great tech can have

funny.  …this cute commercial

independent.  … sweet teen love story

shoot.  top rating ad

thereel  Star-gazing and young love...

sourcecreative  Meet Billy, the boy who captured the stars.






Playstation – vita

shots   Philippe André takes us on another journey into the world of gaming

wanda.  …realistic over the shoulder documentary style and natural light.


Airtel – endless goodbye

cannes. winner Bronze Lion Cannes

shots.  we love this sweet spot


Nissan – stay awake

blog   a space oddity that continues to win heart and minds.. 

blogpub.  tout en délicatesse

cb news.   Philippe André filme avec toujours autant de réussite…

scary ideas. …creates an outstanding piece of work…

shots  The lights are fueling the city's nightlife

world luxury.  finalist


Unilever – roboboy

campaign1   It’s clever, rather moving and shot extremely well.

campaign2.  BBH has launched … Roboboy stars a sad robot who gradually transforms into a boy…

cannesBronze Lion Award Cannes

the guardian.  Dirt is good

hotshot  this week’s Hotspot is Philippe Andre’s spellbinding swan song, .. an anthropomorphic dream come true from BBH…

screen.  ...a child's toy robot is awakened by splashes of mud...

the mill  Andre tells the touching story of a sad-eyed little robot


Ford – desire

creative review.  I made the cars float

evening star.  It was shot by Frenchman Philippe André, who has a reputation for shooting ads with spectacular effects…

film london  Philippe André who is recognized for his unique ability to blend imagination and striking visual effects.

the guardian2.  the ad was filmed in 30 locations in London…

hotshots.  The slow tracking shots employed echo the peaceful ascent of the cars into the troposphere. Andre said he had deliberately used this technique to influence the mood of the spot.

onset – shots.   … for the project to feel believable, we need to shoot as much in camera as possible and not rely too much on post.

reviews  The most striking piece of work…

sky.  biggest ad campaign shot in London to date…

the telegraph1.  It’s one of the bigger, more complicated car ads being shot this year

the independent.   this ad is very calming and charming…

the sun  the ad looks so real because it is – some of the cars actually took flight…

... More Press


Peugeot – 407 – toys

awards  London International Awards: Winner

boards   Why it’s cool: excellent art direction

broadcast  Il mixe les effets et les émotions

campaign. It’s a big production number

cannes.  Gold Award

cb news  Le film est quasiment inracontable tant sa maestria réside dans l’équilibre subtil et précaire de la réalisation judicieusement confiée à Philippe André. 

creative review.  There is a realism and seriousness to the direction that really makes the concept work.

clio.  TV and Cinema Winner

le figaro1.  …lancement mondial

le figaro2.  C’est sous des tonnerres d’applaudissements que le spot a remporté son lion d’or.

le monde. Destin croisé des réalisateurs, entre le cinéma et la publicité.

london international award.  Winner

... More Press