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Variety  Delicate Gravity leads Palm Springs Shortfest winners

Hollywood Reporter  The best of the festival award goes to Philippe André

French Toast Sunday  Delicate Gravity is one of the most genuine, thoughtful dramas about human connection we’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Way too Indie.  Delicate Gravity is a unique insight into the lives of two lost individuals, and a clever production that continues to draw us in even in its final moments.

Just Celebrity  Philippe André created a heartwarming film that keeps you glued to the screen from start to finish…

Female First.  Philippe André Exclusive Interview.

Unifrance. 14ème édition du Cinéma Français

3 DotMag. Delicate Gravity and writer Philippe André.

Woman around town.  Delicate Gravity is beautifully acted and filmed.

Film Shortage… director Philippe André used his French charm to glue us to the screen from beginning to end.

Vulture Hound.  Delicate Gravity is an exceptional short film about small moment in time that deserves the many awards it already has.

Following the Nerd.  Interview

Critical Movie Critics .  André’s movie succeeds admirably

Back to the movies.  I love how the story drags you in, a fitting title as the film itself has its own gravitational pull that brings you into the narrative.

Arté Média. Philippe André a su créer un film émouvant qui vous tient en haleine du début à la fin…

The London Film Review. Delicate Gravity is utterly charming...

Deadline Hollywood. Delicate Gravity...nabbed top jury honors...

Los Angeles Times.

Thompson on Hollywood. ...are wonderful as tow lonely spirits...

My Desert. It's a magnificent film.

ArtSixMix. Philippe Andre a su créer un film émouvant....

Cannes Film Festival

Examiner. ...hint at possible next Oscar winners

Palm Springs life. Delicate Gravity captured best of the Festival Award...

Nevada City Award. Best Foreign Film and Best of Fest.

Le Film Français. Delicate Gravite a reçu le premier prix du Palm Springs Shortfest...

BIFF  Audience Choice Award

BIFF. Screenings

Rhode Island. 

Orlando Sentinel. Delicate Gravity leads Palm Springs shortest winners

My French Film Festival

French Consulate

TV5  Cannes. French Morning


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