Cristal Festival, Silver, Best Casting, Laura_jsd90

Eurobest Awards, Bronze, Best Script, Laura_jsd90

London International Awards, Silver, Best Performance & Casting, Laura_jsd90

Moma New York, Screening, 25 Saatchi program, Everything’s Perfect

Tate Modern London, Screening, 25 Saatchi program, Everything’s Perfect

British Film Institute London, Screening, 25 Saatchi program, Everything’s Perfect

Clio Awards, Bronze, Visual Effects and Best Animation, Lycra Moves You

Animago Awards, Best Advertising Production, Lycra Moves You

D&AD Awards, Wood Pencil for Special Effects for Film Advertising, Lycra Moves You

BTAA Craft Awards, Silver Award for Best CGI, Lycra Moves You

Creative Circle Awards London, Gold, Visual Effects, Lycra Moves You

Creativity International Awards, Silver, Media, Lycra Moves You

Ciclope International Festival of Craft Berlin, Gold, Visual Effects, Lycra Moves You

New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising, Bronze, Visual Effects, Lycra Moves You  

British Arrows Awards, Finalist in fashion category, Lycra Moves You

VOTD, Winner, Lycra Moves You

Palm Springs International Film festival, Jury Award and Best of the Festival, Delicate Gravity

Nevada City International Film festival, Best Foreign Film and Best Festival, Delicate Gravity

Bermuda City International Film Festival, Audience choice award, Delicate Gravity

Academy Awards, Selection for Oscar Nomination, Delicate Gravity

Cannes LionsBronze LionAirtel Endless Goodbye

Cannes Lions Film Craft, Short list, Nissan Juke Stay Awake

Effie, Silver in film category, Nissan Juke Stay Awake

World Luxury Awards, Finalist in film category, Nissan Juke Stay Awake

Epica Awards, Bronze Award, Nissan Juke Stay Awake

Cristal Festival, Best Photography, Nissan Juke Stay Awake

Epica Awards, Film Category, Bronze, Orange Words

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Bronze Lion, Persil Roboboy

Club des Directeurs Artistiques, Paris, 1st Prize Technic and Special Effects, Orange Toys

CNN news, Full report as 80 millions viewers in 18 countries during the half time commercial break for the Champions League final, Ford Balloons

Seattle International Film Festival, One Reel, Best Narrative and Grand Jury Prize, The Rope

Gunn Report, 4th Most awarded film in the world, Peugeot Toys

Clio Awards, Film category, Silver, Peugeot Toys 

Cannes Lions International Awards of Creativity, Film Category, Gold Lion, Peugeot Toys

London International Advertising Awards, TV cinema winner, Peugeot Toys

13th European Car Advertising Film Festival, Best Direction, Peugeot Toys

New York Festival TV advertising award, Gold world medal in Car category, Silver for « best art direction, Peugeot Toys

Montreux Awards, Gold medal automotive, Peugeot Toys

Club des directeurs artistiques Paris, Grand Prix. Peugeot Toys

Mobius awards, 1st Price in Car category, Peugeot Toys

Golden Drums awards, Gold in Film Category, Peugeot Toys

Cresta International Advertising Awards, Winner, Peugeot Toys

Epica Awards, Film categoryPeugeot Toys

Loerie Awards,  Silver for TV- cinema and Art Direction, Peugeot Toys

Effie, Silver in Car and Brand Launch categories, Peugeot Toys

International Andy awards, Silver in car category and Bronze for direction, Peugeot Toys

Automotive news europe advertising awards, Bronze in international TV, Peugeot Toys

Eurobest awards, Bronze Award, Peugeot Toys